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Get to Know: Dusty Doody, Quarry Master

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A Quarry Master Subcontracting Service is an important part of the quarry industry. We’re excited to announce this new offering to help you hit benchmarks in your quarry and ensure the highest level of production.

Through our Quarry Master Subcontracting Services, you’ll get access to Marini Drills, wire saws and Fantini Quarry Chainsaws, but most importantly, you’ll get access to our Quarry Master, Dusty Doody and his expertise.

Get to Know Quarry Master Dusty Doody

Hi, my name is Dusty Doody. Nope—no relation to “Howdy.” 

You can say I’m a workaholic. I grew up on a dairy farm in Frederick County, Maryland. So, I treat a quarry like a farm: there’s always work to be done. I’ve been working since I could walk and talk.

I’ve been involved in dimensional stone mining since 1998 when I started as a contract driller. I worked my way up through the industry to my first management job with VBG in Culpeper, Virginia, and that also was my toughest job, due to the 3-feet of mud we worked in daily while opening and developing a new mine site. 

Honestly, it’s more like this job chose me. I’ve made a career of going into places nobody else wanted to work and making them productive. I like what I do, but I like the challenge of making something work that nobody could make work—once it gets easy, I get bored. 

This is what I’ve always enjoyed the most about my job. I’ve enjoyed all my mining experiences. For me, tangible work is where I get enjoyment. 

I’m most passionate about home and family. They’re what keeps me going. Our kids, by far, are my greatest accomplishments in life. I spend all my free time with them on our little hobby farm hopefully teaching them a good work ethic. 

I can’t wait to meet you, and I look forward to working with you.

An Extension of Your Team

Have you thought about outsourcing work at your quarry? Think of outsourcing as adding a new member to your team.

If you hire Eurostone for our Quarry Master Subcontracting Service, Dusty becomes an extension of your team, with the same goals as anyone else who works for you, but the knowledge and access to equipment to help you improve your entire operation.

If you’re interested in quarry subcontracting services, or even just meeting Dusty, you can reach out to him here

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