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From Quarry to Creation: Our Role in the Stone Supply Chain

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By offering a link to the latest technology and highest quality resources, our clients can have peace of mind for every purchase. Here’s a glimpse of where we fit and how we serve the stone supply chain. 

Local Sales and Distribution For the U.S. Market

As we’ve been in business for several decades, we’ve had the privilege to cultivate meaningful relationships with the top equipment manufacturers in the industry. These connections allow us to bring European, old-world quality manufacturing to the shores of the U.S.A. 

Our quarries and stone finishers value the standards of premium quality and exquisite craftsmanship that characterize the equipment we champion:

  • Fantini chainsaws
  • Giacomini cranes
  • Marini drilling and diamond wire-cutters
  • OMEC water treatment systems
  • SIMEC stone saws and polishers
  • Schwing wire saws

Industry Expertise and Consulting

You may not know what your quarry needs to fill a certain role or the best machine to choose that will help you meet your harvest or production goals. Our expert consultants will help you navigate the N.E.A.D.S. analysis framework so you can proceed with confidence.

N.E.A.D.S. Analysis:

  • Now: What do you do/use now?
  • Enjoy: What do you enjoy about it? What’s going right? 
  • Alter: What would you like to alter about what you’re doing /using now? 
  • Decision: Who will make the final decision about continuing as-is or making alterations?
  • Solution: If you found a solution that fits your needs, could you proceed?

Post-Sale Services: Parts and Maintenance For Quarry Equipment

We all know that when quarry equipment is down, production and profit will do the same. Our on-staff technicians are ready to help you keep your equipment running and operating smoothly. Our simple one-form process gets you connected with our team so we can help you troubleshoot.  

Supporting The Stone Supply Chain For Almost 40 Years

How can we support your operation? Reach out to a member of the Eurostone team today.

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