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Finding the right OMEC water system for your facility

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Most quarries and facilities in the natural stone industry use water in the washing and processing of their products. 

During the various operations and processes at your facility, water is a valuable resource. Fabrication facilities often use large volumes of water, and so owners need to be on top of all the latest technology to save on energy costs and to be more sustainable.

A consistent flow of high-quality water is vital, and so you need to find the best water system for your operation. OMEC Systems can take care of your biggest production needs—all of this while running and cleaning themselves independently—it’s just a matter of which system best fits your immediate needs. 

OMEC is known for both its flanged and compact water systems, and we’ll break down the differences and main advantages of both below. 

Flanged Systems

OMEC’s flanged water systems have silos made of various metals that can be assembled on-site, and these are more suitable for large plants or where a non-technical escort transport or container has been requested. 

These flanged systems range from the OMD 60 model with a volume flow rate of 530 gal/min to the OMD 280 with a rate of 3,850 gal/min — you can find specs on the available systems here

The biggest advantages of these flanged systems are that they are: 

  • Self-cleaning
  • Long-lasting
  • They have a high capacity 
  • They fit in a container

Compact Systems

One of the more obvious differences between these compact systems vs. the flanged systems is their size difference. These silos are much smaller and compact. They are made from a single metal cylinder that rests directly on the ground, and there’s no need for columns to hold the weight of the system.

These systems are small enough that they provide storage space underneath the silo cone and its control panel at the base of the silo. See the full range of compact models here

Main advantages of the compact system:

  • Quick installation
  • Protected components
  • Less environmental impact

Most water systems available on the market limit what your facility is capable of by offering time-consuming manual or semi-automatic systems that use plastic tanks and settling ponds, but OMEC can help you make your facility more efficient by offering the best products that work independent of an operator and can fit any facility big or small.

If you’re in need of a better water system for your fabrication facility, we would love to help you find the best fit. Reach out to us today and we can help determine what you need. 

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