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Finding the right Marini Giraffa

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The Marini Quarries Group is known worldwide for producing high-quality hydraulic and pneumatic drills for stone quarries. 

Marini is one of the world leaders in innovating new technology and drilling systems that can easily maneuver through marble and granite quarries. These machines are all manufactured in-house and are easy to position for primary block extraction in a quarry.

The Marini Giraffa is one of the more popular lines of quarry drills on the market, but how do you know what’s best for your quarry operation right now? While they may carry similar names, the output, capacities, and power of these machines are vastly different. 

Here’s a breakdown of the differences between the Giraffa 360 HV and its slightly smaller—but still powerful—iteration, the Baby Giraffa.

The Giraffa 360 HV

The Giraffa 360 HV is a fully remote-controlled hydraulic mobile unit. The 360 HV can easily maneuver around a quarry and attack a project from all angles. The machine’s undercarriage can extend out up to 12 feet, and this helps the user drill on any surface—flat, decline or inclined surfaces. 

The machine can easily be positioned for precise drilling and it has high productivity with low energy use, which will help you reduce production costs. 

Technical specs

  • 150HP
  • N° Rock Drill -2
  • Drills up to 13.1 feet
  • Weights 64,000lbs

The Baby Giraffa

The Baby Giraffa is also a fully remote-controlled hydraulic unit. It’s best used for vertical or horizontal bank drilling and block squaring. It’s completely built on tracks or tires and it has a high level of mobility, which makes it a good fit for most quarries.

That mobility is an added benefit of the Giraffa because it is so much smaller than the 360 HV. The Baby Giraffa is one of the best options for bank drilling and block squaring and it’s equipped with a separated roto-percussion drifter drill.

Technical specs

  • 107HP
  • N° Rock Drill – 1
  • Drills up to 10.5 feet
  • Weighs between 15,420 -17,180lbs

Marini is working in more than 40 locations worldwide to produce hydraulic drills like the Giraffa, but they also have a line of high-quality, pneumatic drills, and excellent quarry saws as well. Read more here about the different drills Marini has to offer.

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