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Exploring the OMEC Difference: High-Quality Water for Your Facility

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In the world of natural stone processing, water is an invaluable resource, playing a crucial role in washing and processing operations. OMEC Systems goes beyond traditional water management, providing solutions that not only meet your biggest production needs but also operate autonomously, handling self-cleaning processes. The choice between OMEC’s Flanged and Compact Systems depends on your facility’s specific requirements.

Flanged Systems

  • Construction: Silos made from galvanized metal sections, assembled on-site.
  • Suitability: Ideal for larger plants or quarries requiring non-technical escort transport or container options.
  • Advantages: Self-cleaning, Long-lasting, High capacity, Container-friendly

Compact Systems

  • Construction: Single metal cylinder, resting directly on the ground without the need for columns.
  • Suitability: Perfect for smaller facilities, offering a space-efficient design.
  • Advantages: Quick installation, More storage space, Protected components, Environmentally friendly

Benefits of OMEC Water Systems

  1. Fully Automated: OMEC Systems operate seamlessly through a closed-loop system, eliminating the need for constant manual intervention. This translates to significant time and labor savings.
  1. Consistent Flow: The fully automated nature ensures a steady and reliable flow of high-quality water. No more dependence on time-consuming manual or semi-automatic systems.
  1. Self-Cleaning: OMEC Systems are designed to be self-cleaning, eliminating the need for settling ponds. This feature not only streamlines operations but also saves valuable time and resources.
  1. Decades of Experience: With a legacy dating back to 1963, OMEC brings decades of specialized experience and a team of skilled technicians to ensure the highest standards of service.
  1. Comprehensive Customer Service: Choosing OMEC means gaining access to comprehensive customer service, covering installation, maintenance, and ongoing support.

Making the Change

Switching to an OMEC water system signifies a transformative shift in your facility’s efficiency. Reclaim time and resources while ensuring that your quarry operations run seamlessly, yielding high-quality, fully filtered water.

Ready to embrace the OMEC difference? Contact us today to embark on a journey towards enhanced water management efficiency with OMEC Systems.

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