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Different Types of Quarry Machines

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As a quarry owner or manager, it’s important that you find the best machine for your quarry. 

You need a machine designed to maximize your output that is efficient and reliable. Finding the right machine that works for what you need can be a challenge. 

At Eurostone, we carry machines from the top vendors in the world, ranging from quarry chainsaws to water treatment systems and everything in between. 

Here’s a breakdown of some of the types of quarry machines we can supply for your facility:

Quarry chainsaws

A new quarry chainsaw will help minimize downtimes and reduce labor at your quarry in addition to maximizing your productivity. One of our vendors is Fantini, which has a range of chainsaws for extracting natural and ornamental stone. Fantini is the industry leader and produces what are unequivocally the best quarry chainsaws on the market. 

Quarry drills

One of our vendors, Marini, produces a diverse line of pneumatic and hydraulic quarry drills. These drills improve productivity by offering high drilling output, and they are quick and easy to put in position. Marini machines can be used in a bunch of different applications, and there are 25 different models for the quarry sector for you to choose from. 

Diamond Wire Saws

Marini also produces diamond wire cutting saws for marble, granite and civil engineering applications. These wire saws have high cutting capacity, low wire consumption, and Marini always has available spare parts should your machine need a repair or replacement.


A proper crane is something worth investing in for your facility—it makes your entire facility better by increasing safety and efficiency, which leads to a much better quality product.

Check out the Giacomini line of cranes that are perfect for any application at your quarry.

Water Systems

Consistent, high-quality water is something your facility has to have. If you don’t have the proper water supply, then you run the risk of shutting down pieces of equipment and stalling your quarry. Omec equipment can take care of even your biggest production needs, which will improve your ability to operate at a high level. 

Whatever it is you need today, we can help you find it. Reach out to us, and we can set up a consultation for you with our team of industry vets to help you find the right equipment.

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