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Different types of bridge cranes

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Bridge cranes typically come manufactured in one of two ways: a single-girder or a double-girder model.

Giacomini’s bridge cranes are synonymous with quality, reliability and robustness for heavy-duty operations, and these cranes come designed and manufactured guaranteed to fit each specific client’s requirements. 

Here are some of the differences between the two types of bridge cranes Giacomini has to offer:

Single-girder bridge cranes

The single-girder models expand across the facility. At the furthest point of the beam, to keep the trolley carrying the payload moving on its track safely and securely, the crane comes equipped with fixed clasps and rubber bumpers that absorb the force and distribute that weight so it doesn’t put added strain on the trolley system.

Underneath the beam of the crane, four steel wheels stabilize the motion of the trolley. The crane also comes equipped with a self-braking motor, and the trolley is equipped with sling hooks that help prevent falls and derailments. 

The lifting unit is composed of

  • A Reducer: mechanical cast iron or steel box, with gears made of heat-treated allied steel.
  • Electric motor
  • Lift-limit switch
  • Lift rope
  • Lift hook
  • Limiting device: placed on the extremity of the rope. This intervenes in case of overload.

Double-girder bridge cranes

Giacomini’s double-girder crane models travel along tracks placed upon the upper flitch plate of the steel compound beam.

The trolley structure is made with an electro-welded tubular frame. The double-girder model also has four forged steel wheels that allow the trolley system to move across the width of the room smoothly without fear of any falls or derailments.

The wheels all have double flanges and roll on bearings. There are two self-braking motor reducers, which propel the two wheels with the same system as the unit travels along its course on the beam.

The trolley on the double-girder crane is also equipped with stirrups to prevent falls and derailments.

The lifting unit is composed of:

  • Reducer
  • Lubrication
  • Rope-winding drum
  • Electric motor
  • Block brake
  • Lift-limit switch
  • Lift rope
  • Lift hook
  • Limiting device

If you need a way to optimize your space management at your worksite or fabrication facility and are looking for an efficient way to overcome large obstacles, Giacomini bridge cranes are the way to do it.

These bridge cranes can hoist up to 17,600 pounds, and be built specifically for your needs. Looking to learn more about what Giacomini has to offer? Here’s more on Giacomini Cranes.

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