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Differences between torch flaming and water flaming

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As one of the leading Italian stone machine manufacturers, Maema has always been an innovator in the field. This has led to patented technology that produces intricate rough stone finishes in a way that is faster, more cost-effective than other methods and environmentally friendly. 

Stone flaming is a method of stone finishing that uses an applicator to brush the outside of the stone material and remove bits of the surface level to expose the rough stone surface. Maema has two popular methods of flaming, torch flaming and water flaming, and each has advantages depending on the needs you have and your facility’s capabilities. 

Here are some of the main differences between torch flaming and water flaming to achieve a rough stone finish:

Torch Flaming

The high-powered torch features a vertical bridge allowing for a wide range of thicknesses on each stone. Maema’s torch flaming machine has a production rate of 215 to 270 sq. ft. per hour. 

Machine Features

  • Can include up to 5 torches to meet your production requirements
  • Fully galvanized steel design 
  • Electric motors that allow for precise movements 
  • Combines different finishes 

This machine applies the flame directly to the stone and generates a charge at about 1,100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Water Flaming

Maema has a system for “flaming” with high-pressured water. These machines use water nozzles and rotating heads that are adjustable.

Machine Features

  • Allows for surface finishing of both hard and soft materials
  • Uses water pressure up to 29,000 PSI to generate straight, curved or crossed grooving
  • Easy to use and cost-effective

This solution has been patented by Maema to achieve standard finishes as well as special, intricate finishes depending on your production needs. 

Maema will work closely with stone facility owners and operators to establish a partnership with you. They want to work alongside you for the entire lifecycle of the machine you purchase and make sure it always runs at peak efficiency. 

We partner with all of our vendors and have direct access to them to make sure you can always reach them should a machine need to be repaired. Not sure which of these machines might be best for your facility? Here’s how we can help you determine whether or not it would be. 

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