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Custom, Built-to-Order MEC Machines

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Automation and customization are the keys behind how MEC splitters can maximize your splitting. Whether you need a high volume, automated line or a single C-frame splitter, MEC has the right solution.

The MEC range of stone-splitting machines can split any type of natural stone. These machines can be customized to your specific needs and integrated into complete lines. 

What makes MEC stand out: 

​​MEC machines are fully customizable: MEC builds custom machines depending on the customer’s needs. No MEC machine is “off the shelf,” and all of the equipment is tailored to the customer’s specification.

Their capabilities are diverse: The manual splitting design allows each operator to decide when and how they want to split the material. These splitters are designed to split irregular stone. The automatic splitters all have a closed frame design and are used to automatically split regular or sawn blocks or strips. 

MEC is forward-thinking: These machines guarantee absolute power for every kind of processing. MEC’s approach is to ensure quality over some “one-size-fits-all” approach. Each machine provides the appropriate power to assure correct splits.

MEC is dependable: The machines guarantee precision and efficiency for every kind of processing. MEC stands behind its equipment from the smallest detail to the final precision of the split. 

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MEC produces granite-processing machines. There are many different types, from splitting machines to finishing machines. You can learn about the various types of MEC machines here.

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