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Benefits of Using Automation in Splitting

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Labor is getting harder to find and fabrication errors are becoming more costly than ever. However, automation reduces dependence on labor and dramatically reduces processing mistakes.

It’s important to note that not all stone lends itself well to splitting. Some can only be processed by sawing. But when it comes to those that can be split, a MEC splitter can cut your time down to a split every 15 seconds. Similar results with a saw could take you 100 times longer. 

Automation can come in a few different forms.

Automation can be robotic in that it will pick up the piece of stone to put it on the conveyor, which then advances the stone into the splitter. This means the conveyor stops at exactly the right spot to split the stone, rather than having a human eyeballing it and being required to press a button to split it. 

The other side of automation happens once the stone is split. Off the backend of the splitters, there are various things you can do: you can have an unloader that can automatically pick up the block of stone and put it on a pallet. The more labor you can remove, the higher speed and less variability you will have in your entire system. 

When you bring in automation, you start to bring in a level of control to your processes that you’ve never had before. We’re here to bring you machines that can make you as efficient as possible, while maximizing your production. When you work with us, we’ll conduct a thorough N.E.A.D.S. assessment to discover exactly what your quarry or fabrication needs. Contact us today and we’ll get started. 

Automation of material moving reduces risk of injury and delivers raw material directly to the point of processing. Material movement can be accomplished through belt conveyors, roller conveyors, and programmed robotic “pick and place” machines.  Automation is easily applied in material delivery, or take away and more sophisticated systems are able to load finished products directly onto pallets or into crates for shipping.

Predictability of manufacturing performance starts with deliberately removing “variation” in the process. Proper application of automation in production lines allows a level of planning that ensures highest utilization of equipment and maximum output of product. It does this by, number one, removing the dependency on highly variable manual labor. Number two, as machines don’t get tired and operate at pre-known rates, it is possible to calculate much more accurately the productivity of a given operation. Number three, automation is accessible and available now. Something that cannot always be said for qualified operators and laborers.

Eurostone Machine works with our customers to determine the best way to apply manufacturing improvements, including not only the new equipment, but the rest of the system as well. Our customers know, before even placing the order, the overall outcome to be expected through the introduction of automated processes.

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