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Benefits of the SIMECWIRE / 01 MOB

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Want to cut your blocks quickly and automatically? SIMEC makes that possible. SIMEC’s monowires eliminate the need for onsite operators, giving you more time and efficiency back in your production. SIMECWIRE / 01 MOB is the monowire that makes even the night hours productive without the need for personnel. 

Once set up, the machine is able to work in complete autonomy even at night, signaling any anomalies via email in case of work interruption.

The benefits of the SIMECWIRE / 01 MOB:

Quickly program cuts

The machine’s easy-to-use cut acquisition system is assisted by a laser display or micrometric bar, which allows you to set up quickly and with the absolute precision needed to cut on several blocks.


Trust that informed decisions are being made

After programming the cuts, the machine processes the information and decides independently where to move and where to cut at the set speed. 

Make your job easier with end-of-cut management

You have the option to decide to stop cutting just before the end, so you don’t have to insert spacers between the different sizes and make unattended work possible, even at night. 

You can install outdoors

SIMEC’s solutions and quality materials make it possible to install the machine outside your factory, near your block depot, making it more accessible and convenient. 


Automatically square blocks

The machine’s optional rotating trolley makes it possible to automatically square blocks, once again eliminating the need for an operator. 

Ready to see what SIMEC’s quality and technology can bring to your factory? Reach out to us today and we’ll determine what machine is right for you.

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