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Benefits of SIMEC Cut-To-Size Machines

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SIMEC offers a special line of cut-to-size machines that give operators an unparalleled level of precision and quality.

SIMEC cutting systems give a machine operator complete control of the cutting process. These cut-to-size systems have been designed to manage every kind of work order possible and to help relieve the operators from tasks of control and programming. 

In fact, SIMEC systems can operate in complete autonomy from the first step of loading the raw material to the unloading of the finished product.

Below are a few highlights of what these cut-to-size machines offer and how they can help your facility. 

Batch Cutting Systems

SIMEC cutting systems easily operate automatically in the production of preset batches, and this allows you to make the most out of the entire slab surface.

Cutting Optimization and Defect Management Systems

SIMEC cutting systems can operate in some of the most complex situations. In addition to cutting different sizes on the same slab, it can also consider the defectiveness of the material.

Management of the Cutting Process

With this technology from SIMEC, it’s possible to receive the order from the customer, enter the order into the system and then let the plant produce the order completely on its own.

Pro-Optimizer System

This system automatically maximizes a slab’s useful surface area.

Traceability System

With this system, there’s the possibility of naming the finished product to facilitate its storage and application during the laying phase, up to the point of unambiguously indicating the position of each piece.

Are you ready to see SIMEC’s quality and precision in your facility? Reach out to us today, and we will work with you to help determine what machine is right for you.

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