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Benefits of OMEC Water Systems in Stone Fabrication Facilities

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Does your water recycling system in your stone fabrication facility require labor or lack the capacity you need when it comes to water filtration? When it comes to water systems for stone processing, the unfortunate truth is that most water systems limit you, requiring a lot of labor and time.

Manual water systems require constant attention. You need a system that can meet your production needs while running and cleaning itself.

Enter the OMEC systems.

OMEC systems can take care of your biggest stone processing needs while helping you save on time, money, and labor. Just read below for more details on the features and benefits.

What are the benefits of using an OMEC water system in your facility?

Fully automated.

OMEC systems run completely automatically through a closed loop system. This means no more cleaning settling ponds, saving you time and labor while adding to your bottom line.

A consistent flow of high-quality water.

Because they’re fully automated, OMEC systems create a consistent flow to get you the high-quality water you need. No more time-consuming manual or semi-automatic systems that use plastic tanks or settling ponds.

Self cleaning.

That’s right, OMEC systems are self cleaning, meaning no more settling ponds. Plus, you can save time and money by not requiring routine cleanings on these systems.

Serving the industry since 1963.

You can trust OMEC’s decades of experience and specialized technicians.

Customer service.

When you use OMEC systems, you also gain access to our installation, maintenance, and ongoing service.

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What’s right for you?

When it comes to an OMEC water system for your facility, you have two options: a flanged system or a compact system.

Flanged system

OMEC’s flanged system consists of silos made from galvanized metal sections flagged and assembled on your job site. It’s perfect for larger plants or quarries where a non-technical escort transport or container is needed.

The main advantages of a flanged system:

  • Self cleaning
  • Long-lasting
  • High capacity
  • Fits in a container

Compact systems

Compact systems are each made up of one continuous cylinder that can sit on the ground without columns. This means you have more storage space for the silo cone, sludge discharge valves, flocculent dosage station, and control panel.

The main advantages of a compact system:

  • Quick installation
  • More storage space
  • Protected components

It’s time to make a change. By switching to an OMEC system, you can trust that you’ll get more time and money back into your production team. You’ll have confidence that your quarry operations are being fully carried out and that you’ll yield high-quality fully filtered water.

Ready to get started with an OMEC system? We’re the premier provider of the top seven vendors when it comes to quarry production, and we’ll ensure you’re getting the right machine, at the right price point, with the service and quality assurance you deserve. Reach out to us here to get started.

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