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5 Wire Saw Machines You Should Know About

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Wire saws offer exceptional precision and multi-directional cutting for natural and engineered stones. They increase efficiency and productivity, keeping costs and time expenses at a minimum. As we explored our options for the top 5 machines every stone and quarry operation should know about, the brilliance and quality of Italian engineering came to the forefront once again. 

Marini Quarries Group is a global leader in quarry engineering and manufacturing and brings over 40 years of industry expertise to every model they produce, including their full line of wire saws. Here’s our choice for the top 5: 

Marini Diamond Wire Saw For Granite – Mobil Fil

One of the largest models available, this diamond wire saw runs on 30’ tracks. It comes with a radio-controlled crawler large enough to hold the folded tracks when needed. The crawler tracks offer unequaled mobility for quick granite cutting. The Mobil Fil is equipped with a 56 HP motor but can be retrofitted with up to 100 HP units. 

Marini Diamond Wire Saw For Marble – Mini Mobil Fil

Smaller than its larger parent model, the Mini Mobil Fil runs on 20’ tracks and is small enough to be folded on a crawler. This wire saw is self-propelled and offers rapid positioning for ultimate flexibility. You can choose your horsepower on this model, which comes in 15, 20, and 25 HP.

Marini Diamond Wire Saw For Granite – Gran Fil Super SP

This model is designed specifically for dense granite and is part of the heavy-duty SP series. The Gran Fil Super SP runs on rails and offers 360-degree rotation for aligned cutting within 2000 mm without moving the rails. Capable of inclined operation and horizontal zero-level cuts, this model is a true quarry workhorse.

Marini Diamond Wire Saw For Marble – Mar Fil Super

The Mar Fil Super offers main motor powers of 15, 20, or 25 HP and is ideal for squaring blocks or small bench cutting. Like its granite counterpart, the Mar Fil Super also runs on rails and offers 360-degree rotation. It also has the capacity for inclined operation and zero-level cuts, making it the ideal choice for marble stonework.

Marini Diamond Wire Saw – Micro Fil

The smallest of the diamond wire saw line, the Micro Fil’s motor is an efficient 12 Hp. This model is ideal for block squaring and small cuts of both granite and marble. It’s lightweight and easy to transport and has a linear wire speed of 29 meters per second.

Choose The Best Fit For Your Operation

Big or small, Marini makes them all. Reach out to a member of our sales team here, and we can help you choose the best wire saw to meet your needs.

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