Manual Splitting

The manual design allows the operator to decide when and how to split the material. These splitters are designed to split irregular stone. They come in a closed or open-frame design and can work in quarries, as well as in stone processing factories.  

Models -


Automatic Splitting

The automatic splitters all have a closed frame design and are used to automatically split regular or sawn blocks or strips.

The automated lines are designed for high volume, thanks to MEC's different types of handling systems, such as; an automatic loading and unloading system or palletizing system.

Models -

  • Kubo Series
  • P4 Series
  • PXA Series

The Manual Splitters

PX Series

If you want to make more you need to split more.  The PX Series allows for maximum speed as it splits in one step, where the chisels mechanically aline as the split is being made.



Technical Specifications -


Splitting Power -
300+ Tons


Splitting Widths -

24' to 9' 10"


Splitting Height -

24' to 39"

Chisel Material - 

Hardened Steel filled with Carbon Inserts

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PH Series

Built like a tank, the H-frame PH Series ensures problem-free splitting of more kinds of stone and more surfaces than any other splitter.


To do this, it utilizes hydraulically adjusting teeth that create uniform splitting power across the stone.


Technical Specifications -


Splitting Power -
300 - 600 Tons


Splitting Widths -

5' - 9’ 3”


Splitting Heights -



Chisel Material -

Hardened steel filled with carbon inserts

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C Series

The open design of the C series splitters allows for fast manual splitting, with the operator directly in front of the working table.

The C Series use mechanically adjustable teeth that adjust to the irregular stone surfaces. This adjustment allows for even distribution of splitting power and clean splits.

Use the C Series to make curbs, pavers, wall stone, and more.


Technical Specifications -


  • Splitting Heights - 8” - 20” 
  • Splitting Power - 160 tons
  • Length of Splitting Blade - 6 ¼” - 2’ 3.5” 
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